Where’s InTheClouds?!

Hey all how are you? Hope you’re doing well!

Oh my been such a busy month.. Basically I was asked if I wanted to go in San Francisco..for work. What was my answer?! Yes obviously. So here I am! I’ll be leaviny this Friday. I’ll be back on February 9th.  It’ll be for one week, but they actually allowed us to take the long weekend and visit the city 🙂

It wasn’t actually that easy though. I was missing the passport, and also had a bunch of other things to do urgently lol. So that’s why in the end I’ve been organizing everything all this time.

I’m almost done and this Friday I’ll be leaving! Yey sooo happy!!

But meanwhile, I didn’t really have time to prepare a fashion post but whenever I saw a beautiful sunrise or sunset, I took a picture! So I’d like to share with you guys my pictures, hope you like them.

Oh eww, for the tour in San Francisco.. I don’t know yet, I still have to finish that ahaha, if you’ve any suggestion just let me know. On my side I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures!

So here’s are my pictures and I wish you guys a wonderful week!


IMG_5643 IMG_5611 IMG_6506 IMG_6515

IMG_5734 IMG_5747


IMG_5859 IMG_5863 IMG_6339 IMG_6513 IMG_6516 IMG_6517


IMG_6131 IMG_6230 IMG_6221  IMG_6501 IMG_6444



IMG_6229 IMG_6336




Oh and that’s me and my bored face LOLIMG_6736

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