Dinner in white

Hello there, how are you? Been a while again. Meantime, I started going to gym..like 4 times a week. I know it's a lot but you know what, I definitely feel the benefits of the gym. Since I'm sitting all day long, my feet, my body would hurt. Before doing gym I used to feel… Continue reading Dinner in white


Where’s InTheClouds?!

Hey all how are you? Hope you're doing well! Oh my been such a busy month.. Basically I was asked if I wanted to go in San Francisco..for work. What was my answer?! Yes obviously. So here I am! I'll be leaviny this Friday. I'll be back on February 9th.  It'll be for one week,… Continue reading Where’s InTheClouds?!


Time to catch up

Hey everyone, how are you? Hope fine! Like a told you a few days ago, I'm having Interent problems at home. My conenction is so bad really -.- I can't even check my email or Google something because it takes ages to load. Anyway, I've no idea when they'll fix the problem but I can't… Continue reading Time to catch up



Hey everyone,how are you? Oh I finally got my pc back. Unfortunately it was having some troubles so I had to bring it to a technician but now I got it back finally. I'm still finishing reinstalling everything but at least I can write again ^^ Anyway, here I am ^^ For this post I'd… Continue reading Luminara


A rainy day in Pisa

Hello everyone, how are you? I'm sorry, unfortunately I'm not able to post today. I had my last season exam today, so I have been at college almost the whole day. After that, I went to see my friends Sara and then took my train back home. I don't live in Pisa, but in the… Continue reading A rainy day in Pisa