Hello hello hello

Hi there, how's everyone doing? Wow I can't believe I started this blog back in 2012 and, even if  I stopped writing, due to personal issues, it seems like my blog still has readers. I'm glad you like my content! I've been missing writing! I was thinking of starting again. Not sure if I'd write… Continue reading Hello hello hello


Hair and makeup trends

Hello, how's everything going? Hope you're doing well. I was searching the internet the other day for this summer makeup tends, you know to get some tips and I found this interesting article Cosmopolitan. This article gathered the makeup and hair's trends for this summer that were presented during the fashion shows. Some are simply… Continue reading Hair and makeup trends


Dinner in white

Hello there, how are you? Been a while again. Meantime, I started going to gym..like 4 times a week. I know it's a lot but you know what, I definitely feel the benefits of the gym. Since I'm sitting all day long, my feet, my body would hurt. Before doing gym I used to feel… Continue reading Dinner in white


Il mondo di Virgola

Hey all, how are you? Hope everything's fine. Finally spring is here, yey! So Happy. Well, it has been raining here today (this has become kind of normal sigh) but oh well, the weather is warmer so I'm just happy about it. Anyway, I was checking mi Instagram when my attention got cough by this… Continue reading Il mondo di Virgola


Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater?

Spring should be at the gates, and yet here it looks like we still have to wait for it. These days, we have beautiful sunny days but they are also very cold. It's in days like this that I love my warm sweaters! Let's be honest who doesn't love a cozy sweater? Uhm, basically no… Continue reading Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater?


Where’s InTheClouds?!

Hey all how are you? Hope you're doing well! Oh my been such a busy month.. Basically I was asked if I wanted to go in San Francisco..for work. What was my answer?! Yes obviously. So here I am! I'll be leaviny this Friday. I'll be back on February 9th.  It'll be for one week,… Continue reading Where’s InTheClouds?!

Festivals, Inspiration

New Year Look – Part Two

Hey everyone, well it's almost time! So here we go with the second and last part of this topic. I was about to post it yesterday but I had to babysit my cousins baby so oh well, couldn't really make it. Since the makeup were so glam and shinning, obviously the outfit just had to… Continue reading New Year Look – Part Two


New Year Look – Part One

Hey everyone, how are you? How did Christmas go? Mine was funny! Spent it at home with my family and relatives. There was also my cousin's super cute and funny kid, so it was simply amazing. His kid is a baby boy and he's only 15 months old, so yeah you understand why the "funny"… Continue reading New Year Look – Part One


Sparkle on

Hey guys, how are you? How's everything going? Wow we're already in December and soon it'll be Christmas time and New year! And I'm still behind with the presents...I haven't actually decided what to take to each of my friends, family, and so on. What about you? Hope you're better than me at this. Anyway,… Continue reading Sparkle on


The end or not the end?

It should be the beginning of, let's say, "the end." After the summer, all the flowers, the trees begin to fade. The flowers wilt and the trees lose their leaves until they are completely bare. Yet, despite this background I find that autumn is a season full of colors. The leaves of the trees have… Continue reading The end or not the end?