Explosion of colors

Hi everyone, how are you? Hope all is well. The weather has been amazing these days. Even today, it's a wonderful sunny day. I know, we would like to go outside, enjoy life as we used to but unfortunately it's not possible. I've been staying home since, when was it, March 7 when Italy closed… Continue reading Explosion of colors


MakeUp infinite line

Makeup trends for Spring 2020. Graphic basic makeup.


Something New in the Haus

Hey everyone, how are you? Hope all is well.


Hello hello hello

Hi there, how's everyone doing? Wow I can't believe I started this blog back in 2012 and, even if  I stopped writing, due to personal issues, it seems like my blog still has readers. I'm glad you like my content! I've been missing writing! I was thinking of starting again. Not sure if I'd write… Continue reading Hello hello hello


Hair and makeup trends

Hello, how's everything going? Hope you're doing well. I was searching the internet the other day for this summer makeup tends, you know to get some tips and I found this interesting article Cosmopolitan. This article gathered the makeup and hair's trends for this summer that were presented during the fashion shows. Some are simply… Continue reading Hair and makeup trends

Insipired looks

It’s summer, sun, beach and tan time!

Hello, it's almost vacation time! Now it says that today we've 31 degrees. It's not much considering the other days we had more... but, it's still hot >.< The best thing to do right now is to go to the beach. I was at the beach yesterday and it was simply amazing. The water was… Continue reading It’s summer, sun, beach and tan time!


Dinner in white

Hello there, how are you? Been a while again. Meantime, I started going to 4 times a week. I know it's a lot but you know what, I definitely feel the benefits of the gym. Since I'm sitting all day long, my feet, my body would hurt. Before doing gym I used to feel… Continue reading Dinner in white


Fragrance of flowers

The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions. Chanakya   


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! Buona Pasqua a tutti!


Il mondo di Virgola

Hey all, how are you? Hope everything's fine. Finally spring is here, yey! So Happy. Well, it has been raining here today (this has become kind of normal sigh) but oh well, the weather is warmer so I'm just happy about it. Anyway, I was checking mi Instagram when my attention got cough by this… Continue reading Il mondo di Virgola