Hair and makeup trends

Hello, how's everything going? Hope you're doing well. I was searching the internet the other day for this summer makeup tends, you know to get some tips and I found this interesting article Cosmopolitan. This article gathered the makeup and hair's trends for this summer that were presented during the fashion shows. Some are simply… Continue reading Hair and makeup trends


Sweet soft red

Their shape and their color give birth to a good flavor. Eat them with sugar and feel more heat that ignites passion. Francesca Cuccia Wish you a sweet weekeend! Kisses, InTheClouds La loro forma e il loro colore danno luce ad un buon sapore. Le mangi con lo zucchero e senti piĆ¹ il calore che… Continue reading Sweet soft red


A great little gem

Hard, soft, leather, lined with Swarovski or turtle is definitely the queen of accessories for the evening, becoming, decade after decade a veritable cult piece. It never fails, be it the Red Carpet, parties, events, galas, we find it always inevitable. But what I'm talking about? Well the clutch of course, but I'm sure that… Continue reading A great little gem


Big, medium or small?

No matter what it's size is, I love bags! Hey everyone, yeah my new post is about bags. You can't go around without having one. Yeah it's true you choose its size depending on the occasion but we definitely cannot go around without it. Personally, I have huge bags and I'm sure if you love… Continue reading Big, medium or small?