It’s maxi

Perfect for soft silhouettes and round, long skirt is perfect for those people that opt for a more chic look to show during the day but also at night. Long skirts give me the idea of the Gypsies, how to say it. If I were to quote you a video that can help you understand… Continue reading It’s maxi


Polka dot

Do you remember Lucille Ball's polka-dot dresses on I Love Lucy, or the lyrics to Brian Hyland's catchy 1960 hit "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"? These are things hard to forget. Over the years, polka dots have ingrained themselves into the fashion consciousness. The clothing using this famous print give an air… Continue reading Polka dot


Black & Red

Hey everyone, for today's look I got inspired by an old skirt of my mom, which is black and red, basically Scottish style. I truly love her skirt, it was specifically made for her. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it. I saw it there while looking for something else and now that I wanted to take a picture of it… Continue reading Black & Red


It’s Monday!

Hey everyone, how are you? Hope everything is fine! Been a week or so since last time I wrote here. Everything is fine here, just a bit busy with work/volley and tudy 🙂 I had my debut in volleyball last Thursday I hadn't had occasion to play yet. When we started volley we were… Continue reading It’s Monday!

Insipired looks

Inspiration looks

Hey everyone, in this page you can find some of the looks I found on the web. Hope you like them and they’re helpfull to you! ❤ InTheClouds


What do you generally do at work?

Silly question huh? Well you work obviously <.< but.. if you don't have much to do? What would you do then? Well in my case, generally try to do something else, learn something new but today I honestly have nothing to do and since I've never posted any pictures of me, I thought of taking some pictures… Continue reading What do you generally do at work?

Insipired looks

Miranda Kerr

Hey everyone, how have you been? Today, I’d like to do something different. I won’t be proposing the usual look but I’ll be talking about a model you know for sure, Miranda Kerr, not only because she has the same name as my childhood best friend ❤ but also because I simply love her style.… Continue reading Miranda Kerr


Sales time

There we go again, yesterday I showed you some Promod clothes. Today I'm going to post some Pimkie and Zara looks. Hope you like them!


here we are

with my third proposal. I apologize for the delay, was supposed to post it yesterday but in the end couldn't make it. It was a real busy day so had no time to do anything. My face today is the clear example of how tired I am, not even make up could help me today. Anyways, here… Continue reading here we are