It’s smart

Everywhere we go we can't live without our smartphone, can we? It has become a must. You listen to music, you can chat with friends, you can play, take pictures, share them with friends,... Well, we can't live without it pretty much and it seems like we always had it. But can you actually believe… Continue reading It’s smart


Sexy nerd

Hey everyone, how are you? Woah here it has been raining a lot. I don't know if you heard about it but here in Tuscany we had some problems with the rain and rivers. Like I said, it has been raining really a lot 😦 Hope it'll stop soon. Anyway, yesterday I was wearing my glasses… Continue reading Sexy nerd


Two days of shopping

Hey everyone, how are you? Ready to start this week? Well mine started already and it was a good begining I'd say. I get know 4 new people which seem to be really intesreting and from which I can learn a lot. Like I told you on the last post, I've a marriage this incomming… Continue reading Two days of shopping


Waiting summer

One of my favourite summer accessories are surely the sunglasses. They are the ultimate summer accessories not only because they're an excellent remedy for shelter from the sun, but they are also an icon of style and fashion. With only a pair of sunglasses it's possible to make our look unique. I wish you a… Continue reading Waiting summer


The animal inside you

Strong, powerful and fierce...these are the feelings that the clothes that have animal prints, such as zebra, leopard, and so on, give to me. I don't deny that personally I'm not a big fan of them, or at least I simply would never wear them because, I don't know they simply don't match my style,… Continue reading The animal inside you


Welcome to the jungle

A fierce and beautiful goddess walks on the streets of the new jungle Una dea fiera e stupenda cammina nelle strade della nuova giungla Credits: Roberto Cavalli