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First post of the year

Hey everyone, how are you? Are you full in action after these festivals and tons of food? Me not yet >_< I know on the rest of the world you guys don't celebrate January 6th but here in Italy festivals will be over only after the 6th..and on January 6th you eat (or at least… Continue reading First post of the year

Insipired looks, Inspiration

Color splashes

Hey everyone, how are you? Another week is starting. Oww what a crazy weather we have at the moment in Italy. I was all happy that spring was finally there but it seems winter doesn't want to leave yet. It has been raining so much and in some areas we had snow as well O.o… Continue reading Color splashes



Amber, Blue, Green, Black, Brown, Hazel, Red & Violet… Rub thine eyes, and behold the image of the heart.