Hair and makeup trends

Hello, how's everything going? Hope you're doing well. I was searching the internet the other day for this summer makeup tends, you know to get some tips and I found this interesting article Cosmopolitan. This article gathered the makeup and hair's trends for this summer that were presented during the fashion shows. Some are simply… Continue reading Hair and makeup trends


Hello August

Hi everyone, how are you? Hope you're doing fine. Yeah, this time it took me really a lot. as I told you, a beloved person is not feeling well, so head has been somewhere else. This is a real weird year for me..anyway, I just hope it'll end well. How have you been doing?… Continue reading Hello August

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Be sporty, be trendy

Hey everyone, how are you? Ready to start February? So January is over and here we are with February. Finally, after 2 years that I kept saying it..last Saturday I finally signed to the gym! LOL really, I kept stressing my friends telling them "I must sign to the gym..I must, I will" and then… Continue reading Be sporty, be trendy


Blue jeans

Hey everyone, how are you? Hope you are doing well! And the winter is slowly comming back. These days it has been raining, even now that I am writing it's raining. Well, I don't mind it, the only regret I have is that this summer was really short. Anyway, I have this song stuck in… Continue reading Blue jeans


Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow

Yellow is for sun ornaments of gold, colour of papers that are preserved and old. Yellow is for charming smilies for youth, exhuberence and cowardice yellow is for warmth and inspiration to make people smile is its purpose. Il giallo è il sole ornamenti d'oro, colore delle carte conservate ed antiche. Il giallo è il… Continue reading Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow


Zebra look

This incoming summer isn’t surely boring, don’t you think? There are so many trend to follow that you don’t know where to start from. Besides the fluo and the pastel colors I couldn’t surely not talk about the stripes. Capable of enhancing your figure stripes create both the effect on streamlining your figure or creating… Continue reading Zebra look


Waiting summer

One of my favourite summer accessories are surely the sunglasses. They are the ultimate summer accessories not only because they're an excellent remedy for shelter from the sun, but they are also an icon of style and fashion. With only a pair of sunglasses it's possible to make our look unique. I wish you a… Continue reading Waiting summer


What do you generally do at work?

Silly question huh? Well you work obviously <.< but.. if you don't have much to do? What would you do then? Well in my case, generally try to do something else, learn something new but today I honestly have nothing to do and since I've never posted any pictures of me, I thought of taking some pictures… Continue reading What do you generally do at work?

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Miranda Kerr

Hey everyone, how have you been? Today, I’d like to do something different. I won’t be proposing the usual look but I’ll be talking about a model you know for sure, Miranda Kerr, not only because she has the same name as my childhood best friend ❤ but also because I simply love her style.… Continue reading Miranda Kerr