Something New in the Haus

Hey everyone, how are you? Hope all is well.


Makeup eyeshadows delight

Hey everyone, how are you? After my little misadventure with the eye-shadows, my hand is back to normal now.The colors are amazing, so sad I can't use them. I definitely suggest you to try them out. I guess I was unlucky, but some of the colors of the palette are so amazing. Anyway, I got… Continue reading Makeup eyeshadows delight


Captivating eyes

Word on the street, you got something to show me me Magical, colorful, Mr. Mystery I'm intrigued for a peek, heard it's fascinating Come on, baby, let me see what you're hiding Gira voce per le strade che hai qualcosa da mostrarmi Magico, colorato, Signor Mistero Mi hai intrigato, voglio dare una sbirciatina, ho sentito… Continue reading Captivating eyes

Insipired looks


Hey everyone, how are you? Hope you're doing fine. You know those days when you want to be a cat and while it's cold and everyone get up, and get ready to go to work, you lye in the warmth of your bed to snooze a few hours more. Well this morning for me it… Continue reading Frozen


Shining eyes

Hey everyone, how are you? With this article I’d like to participate at Grazia’s competition “Blogger we want you”. I was reading Grazia when my attention was cough this cute article " MATITE OCCHI RESISTENTI E COLORATE: D'ESTATE IL NERO LASCIA IL POSTO A MILLE SFUMATURE " that gives very useful tips on how to… Continue reading Shining eyes