Sexy nerd

Hey everyone, how are you? Woah here it has been raining a lot. I don't know if you heard about it but here in Tuscany we had some problems with the rain and rivers. Like I said, it has been raining really a lot 😦 Hope it'll stop soon. Anyway, yesterday I was wearing my glasses… Continue reading Sexy nerd

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Christmas look?

Hey everyone, are you ready for Christmas? It's almost time! Me almost ^_^ Anyway, one of the most important things to be ready for it is surely the look. If you're celebrating it with friends & stuff, then having the right makeup is the key. Obviously the look matters as well, but on this post… Continue reading Christmas look?


D&G does it again

If you felt in love at first sight with D&G's new collection, then you will absolutely love thse pictures. I was checking Facebook when my attention was caught by these amazing pictures, so here I am sharing them with you! <33 InTheClouds Ciao a tutti, se vi siete innamorati dell'ultima collezione di D&G, allora sono… Continue reading D&G does it again