Waiting summer

One of my favourite summer accessories are surely the sunglasses. They are the ultimate summer accessories not only because they're an excellent remedy for shelter from the sun, but they are also an icon of style and fashion. With only a pair of sunglasses it's possible to make our look unique. I wish you a… Continue reading Waiting summer


Hand made accessories

We all love accessories and it is something that cannot miss on our outfits. Besides, this blog and all the other things I love to do, I love making presents for my friends. Like I told you, me and my friend Sara used to make presents for our friends in high school, instead of simply… Continue reading Hand made accessories


Waiting for spring

Hey everyone, how are you? The weather today was so cool. It looked like it was Spring already. I could finally go out to run a bit. Do you like running? I like it, it's so relaxing and it's good also for your health. Being all day in front of a pc 8+ hours a… Continue reading Waiting for spring


When skies are grey

You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are grey Hey everyone, ready for the weekend? What are you going to do? I don't know yet. Sunday will probably go out with my friends but we haven't organized anything for tomorrow yet. Well, we'll see. Anyways, I found these amazing… Continue reading When skies are grey