Il mondo di Virgola

Hey all,
how are you? Hope everything’s fine.

Finally spring is here, yey! So Happy. Well, it has been raining here today (this has become kind of normal sigh) but oh well, the weather is warmer so I’m just happy about it.

Anyway, I was checking mi Instagram when my attention got cough by this small and cute drawing, I opened it and found a whole page full of beautiful drawings. The girl who makes them calls her self “Virgola” which means comma. Her real name is Virginia Di Giorgio. Virgola is just a small little girl that plays with objects, flowers and food.

Well just take a look at some of the drawing made by Virginia and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her.

Oh, and if you want to check out more of her drawing, visit her Facebook page.


1505384_357371924464769_8456140183895417852_n 1507725_361861087349186_8103812856212300260_n 1554479_358883414313620_1556171154844616385_n 10348460_370431759825452_4031366506503954513_n 10406631_368224323379529_6644756917968140100_n 10419603_349870101881618_7578611410562161004_n 10931306_353592384842723_2827680633073350959_n 10985900_376443222557639_3186189877907659124_n 11006389_359721410896487_2862599285006688668_n 11008480_370227676512527_353096862836168292_n 11012611_377070132494948_1095058733913659177_n 11025797_369814873220474_3776856619148097856_n 11042955_370971193104842_6823328803682399628_n 11073966_374838879384740_4015563169898343355_n 11084256_377756899092938_1319227447795332494_n

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