New Year Look – Part One

Hey everyone,
how are you? How did Christmas go? Mine was funny! Spent it at home with my family and relatives. There was also my cousin’s super cute and funny kid, so it was simply amazing. His kid is a baby boy and he’s only 15 months old, so yeah you understand why the “funny” 😀 He’s so cuteee!! We had lots of laughs.

How was yours instead? Hope you guys had a great one!!

Anyway, ready for new year? Me, uhm still deciding everything!!! I’m still deciding on what to wear and the make up as well. I was doing this small research to find some tips for the makeup and this is what I came up with. What do you think? I think I’ll go for something simile. I actually bought a couple of eyeliner I was thinking of using. They are a special edition for this Christmas and I’ve to say I like than a lot!! I’ve the Wjcon Metallic Eyepencil 02 and 03 and was thinking of using the 02. The 02 is a violet with glitters inside.

Wjcon is an Italian brand and it’s really surprising how the quality of their long-lasting eyeliners matches with the one of Urban Decay. Since I use contacts, you do understand that I need to pay extra attention to the products I’m using. Most part of eyeliner, they just disapear after a couple of hours. Others have such a bad quality, my eyes would hurt a lot. I have the UD one and like it a lot. I purchased the one of Wjcon after reading the good reviews and I’ve to say I like it a lot. It costs much less than the UD one and has the same quality and duration.

So IMHO, if you ever happened to be in Italy and see their shop, I suggest you to go for it.  I’m telling you this is because I experienced on myself how hard it is to find a good product. I bought also some expensive one and the quality was so bad.

Anyway, going back to the topic of this post, as I said I’m thinking of what to wear as a make up. For now I’m going to share with you what I found for the makeup and nails. Next post, I’ll go for the dress. Hope these can be of help to you.

See you on the next post with the looks!


Ciao a tutti,
come state?

Tutto bene spero! Questo Natale come l’avete passato? Spero sia stato splendindo. Io l’ho passato a casa con i miei. E’ stato un bel Natale e molto divertente. A renderlo tale è stato il bimbo di mio cugino che ha 15 mesi, quindi vi potete immaginare le risate. E voi, come avete passato il vostro?

E per l’utimo dell’anno come siete messi? Io devo ancora decidere tutto, trucco e parrucco 🙂 ahahah per quello in questi giorni mi sono messa un po’ a cercare degli spunti per dei possibili look. Intanto, in questo post vorrei condividere con voi degli spunti di makeup e nails. Tra i miei acquisti di natale mi sono presa due matite della Wjcon, l’edizione speciale natalizza, le Metalllic Eyeliner 02 e 03. Stavo pensando di usare la 03 che è un viola scuro con dei glitter. E’ davvero particolare. Mi paice un sacco la Wjcon. Io indosso le lenti ed ho gli occhi sensibili quindi vi potete immaginare che patimento le matite all’interno dell’occhio. Ne provate tante ma quelle che mi piacciono in assoluto e con cui mi trovo bene sono quelel della Urban Decay e le Long Lasting della Wjcon. Sono molto diffidente, beh soprattuto viste anche le disavventure precedenti, e mi sono decisa a provare la Wjcon solo perchè spinta dalle diverse e buone recensioni a rigurado (anch’io sono una grande fan di Clio per intenderci 😉 )

Insomma, vi sto dicendo tutto questo solo perchè spero le mie disaventure possano esseri in qualche modo utili. E nulla, sotto potete trovare i makeup che mi hanno colpita maggiormente e di cui vorrei prenderne spunto. Nel prossimo post vi proporrò invece i look.

Ci vediamo nel porssimo post.




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