I want to…

I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

Hey everyone,
how are you? Hope you’re doing well =)
Now that the weather has finaly become hot, one of the things I like to do the most is ride my bycicle.
I love it when it’s real hot, I ride my bycicle, riding the wind blows on my skin, on my hair, the singing of birds, cicadas … I love watching how the scenery around me slowly changes.

I’ll sincere as driver .. I don’t really like cyclists.. They always stand in the middle of the street and are dangerous. I know it is a contradiction. I love the bike but not the cyclists :(( well I guess I probably hated as well by the other drivers when I’m on my bicycle.

What about you? Do you like to ride a bike?

I wanted to say that I am participating in the competition launched by Grazia ^. ^
So when you can, vote me please vote! =) Thanks


I wish you a good day!

Ciao a tutti,
come state? Spero tutto bene 🙂
Ora che il tempo è finalmente bello, una cosa che mi piace particolarmente è andare in bici.Adoro quella sensazione che si ha quando è caldo, pedalando il vento soffia sulla pelle, sui capelli, il canto degli uccelli, le cicale… Adoro guardare il paesaggio attorno a me cambiare lentamente.

Sarò seincera, come guidatrice..non amo particolamente i ciclisti.. stanno sempre in mezzo alla via e sono pericolosi. Lo so è una contraddizione. Adoro la bici ma non tanto i ciclisti :(( beh immagino anch’io sia odiata dagli altri automobilisti.

Voi invece, vi piace andare a giro in bici?

Vi volevo dire che sto partecipando al concorso lanciato da Grazia ^.^
Quindi, quando potee votatemi per favore! =) Grazie


Vi auguro una buona giornata!


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23 risposte a “I want to…

  1. I certainly love to ride a bike, although around here there are more hills, so it is way harder than I am used to. Yes, you have read that right, there are places in the Netherlands that are not flat 😛

    Riding a bike with high heels is not that difficult though. I do not do it that often, but if I have to do something like a job interview and I have only my bike… I had some of those in the past before getting my license, en even with my dyspraxia I could easily do that 😉

    • hehehe yeah I get what you mean =)
      If you’ve to go to an interview or I’ve actually seen many women in Pisa or Florence, riding a bike with high heels, probably hurrying up to go at work or to a meeting.

      Personally I’m not able to do that LOL I’d surelly fall >.< but I guess it's just a matter of practice 🙂

      Oh cool, you're from the Netherlands =)))

    • Oh cool, Amsterdam. What a wonderful city. I haven’t visited it yet, but my brother has and I just fell in love with the pictures he took.
      Pisa, is full of bicycles 😀 students use them to move around.



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