Small size, looking young and attractive while maintaining the same simplicity and clean lines of fifty years ago revived on a vehicle at the forefront of issues that today are the most important: safety, fuel economy, functionality. What am I talking about? Well I’m talking about “La petite voiture qui rend de grands services”. Fiat’s “Minnie”.

Piccole dimensioni, dall’aspetto giovane e accattivante mantenendo la stessa essenzialità, e le linee pulite di cinquant’anni prima fatte rivivere su un veicolo all’avanguardia nei temi che oggi sono più importanti: sicurezza, bassi consumi, funzionalità. Di cosa sto parlando? Ma di “La petite voiture qui rend de grands services”. La “Topolina” di casa Fiat.



NewFiat500_fashion0 2009-fiat-500-barbie-concept-index 20110909_GucciFiat_612 6427101151xWEB Barbie_Fiat500_02a Chanel+Iman+Gucci+Celebrates+Fashion+Night+HinUD4T_-jkl Fash-fiat500 Fashion-Star-and-the-Fiat-500 fdsù Fiat 500 Retro Colors (2) fiat fashion fiat fiat-500-by-gucci-unveiled-at-new-york-fashion-week-live-photos_1 Fiat-500C-Gucci-4 fiat500gucci Fiat-500-Gucci-5 fiat-partners-with-h_600x0w Gucci+Celebrates+Fashion+Night+Out+Fiat+500+0kBCbJ3sds6l Gucci7    jnhv    NewFiat500_FIATFashion_Brasil_1 NewFiat500_MilanoLovesFashion_0 NewFiat500_MilanoLovesFashion_1 NewFiat500Wrap&Fashionl p+ webft012258fh

500_Zippo_Fashion 0fb932109086b843_gucci11.preview

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