Return to Byzantine

Hey everyone,

how are you? Hope everything is fine. Here this stupid cold isn’t going away -.-

Anyways, maybe from the title you understood what will be the subject of my next post, the new collection of D&G.

I know there are so many posts about it but I could not make one about it. Today I was checking their Facebook Page and saw some new more detailed pictures about the heels, purses, crowns… The details are so amazing. well, i think the pictures speak for themselves.



D&G_heels (1) image D&G_heels (2) D&G_heels (3) D&G_heels (8) D&G_heels (7) D&G_heels (6) d&g (9)

d&g_backstage (24) d&g_backstage (14) d&g_backstage (13) d&g (14) d&g (12) d&g (20) d&g (21) d&g (22)

d&g (19) d&g (5) d&g (6) d&g (10) d&g (13) d&g (16) d&g (18)

18 risposte a “Return to Byzantine

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  2. i love this collection! i’m a teacher of history of art and the style of D&G is the same of mosaic Byzantine! the theme is sacred and dates back to early Christianity … I think it’s a desire to emphasize the element of faith in difficult times for the Church now … I also have written about! and I think this collection will raise a lot of criticism …So, I like you blog πŸ™‚ is wonderfull.


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