A rainy day in Pisa

Hello everyone,

how are you? I’m sorry, unfortunately I’m not able to post today. I had my last season exam today, so I have been at college almost the whole day. After that, I went to see my friends Sara and then took my train back home. I don’t live in Pisa, but in the province. I though of posting something once I was home  but instead >.< everyone is sick here (I’m resisting *crossing fingers*) so I had to take care of them and right now I’m just so tired and sleepy, so I will post something tomorrow.

Anyways, since today I took a couple of pictures and a present for myself, I wanted to share these with you.

These are two pictures of rainy Pisa:



And this is the present I got to myself >.< a pair of sunglasses. Of course it was raining so what would you do? Buy sunglasses ._. yeah, that’s me *cough*

And for the first time I was happy to be also a student lol. These glasses are some new arrivals from Cavalli and since I am a student, I received a 30% discount on them so paid them really cheap.  In truth at first I was just going to check, but when I saw these sunglasses and the price, I bought them right away.

Anyways, here they’re:



As you can see they have these green reflections, they aren’t completely black.

And..special guest or better say model, my friend Sara (after talking so much about her, there she is)


I found also this:


a mimosa tree already blossomed.

That’s it pretty much about today,  tired so sleepy time.




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