Jacket vs Coat

In these cold days, well at least here in Tuscany it’s really cold, one of the things that can not fail in our clothing (unless you want to freeze, of course) is definitely the jacket or coat.

Which one do you like the most, jacket or coat?

Personally I use both of them, depends a lot on what I am wearing.
When I want a sporty look I use jacket of course while when I want to look a bit chick, coat it is.
If I were to choose among the two of them, I’d definitely choose coat! No matter what you wear, it adapts perfectly to the look. Whenever I look at the coat it gives me this idea elegance and something that’s never outdated, capable of perfectly adapting with the rest of the look.

What do you think instead? Which one is better?
I’ve chosen for you some pictures of both. Hope you like them!




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