Look me in the eyes

Hey everyone,

how was your weekend? Mine was a bit delusional 😦

I went shopping with my mom. Wanted to buy a pair of bots, I had seen them before going on stores’ website but then when I went there they’re finished QQ

There were some ugly ones. Besides being ugly they were so expensive so in the end I didn’t buy anything. I’ll go next Saturday, to another shop. Today it was simply too late. Hope to be able to find them!

Anyways, for today’s (tonight’s, depends on your time zone ^^) I’d like to show you some eye makeups I’ve found. Oh I love eye makeups! Playing with the colors and stuff it’s so fun. Generally I use really less makeup. I just play with eye pencils and eyeliner (even because of lack of time).

Generally, since my eyes color is green, I use light colors. A draw a light blue (or another light color) line above the eyelid and complete the corner of his eye with eyeliner. While for the bottom of the eye I use this dark blue eyeliner.

What about you instead?

Anyways, here are some pictures I found. Some of them are some celebrities’ look.

Hope you like them!




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