Dolly shoes

Hey everyone,

how are you? Hope you’re doing well ^^

Everyday it’s becoming harder to decide the topic of my post, not because I’ve no idea what to write but on the contrary! There are soo many things I’d like to show you, so many pictures I’d like to share with you that everyday I don’t know where to start from.

Hopefully fashion is not something boring. A word, a sentence a color, a sound, and object, basically almost everything that’s around us can give us an inspiration. Clothes to me are just a mean to communicate with others my feelings, like with words. Sometimes I do express myself better with clothes than words. Of course I’ve never went overboard, you don’t need to dress or act like a clown to express yourself.  A light or dark colored t-shirt, for example, accompanied with the right accessories can say more than thousand words. All we need to do is find our colors and use them.

Anyways, for today’s topic I’d like to talk about flat shoes or known also as dolly shoes.

Do you like them? Personally I love them! Well, we all love heels but when you’ve to go from one side to another of the town, like when I had to run from one side to another of Pisa, heels were obviously out of question. So flat shoes where my salvation ❤

I wear them mainly in spring. they’re uhm how to say it, light to wear and, of course, cute. I love sports shoes as well but you know, with some outfits they simply don’t match so flat shoes are the perfect solution.

Alright, I wrote a lot so, here are some pictures I chose for you.

Hope you like them!



4 risposte a “Dolly shoes

  1. hey…welcome back..:) what a huuuugggee collection of flats…i love them too, in spite of the fact i’ve published different “ideas”…my favourites this winter were the Astoria flats…acid green+grey…::)


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