It’s Monday!

Hey everyone,

how are you? Hope everything is fine! Been a week or so since last time I wrote here. Everything is fine here, just a bit busy with work/volley and tudy šŸ™‚

I had my debut in volleyball last Thursday yeyey..ye I hadn’t had occasion to play yet.

When we started volley we were like 16 and we stopped taking new people since we were so many. Little by little everyone quit and weĀ aren’tĀ even on half championship..this sucks.

Personally, I like it, lots of fun and of course like the girls ā¤

After this little chat about volley šŸ˜€ are you ready to start the week? I need coffee, already took it forĀ breakfastĀ but still soo sleepy. What about you? How are you usually on Monday? More tired than usual, like it’s Friday, or relaxed and full of energy to start the week?

Anyways, it’s about some fashion now don’t you think so? I was looking around the web I found these cute stuff and decided to try to combine them and show you someĀ proposals.

Let me know what you think, like them?

look5 look1 look2 look3 look4

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