What do you generally do at work?

Silly question huh? Well you work obviously <.< but.. if you don’t have much to do? What would you do then? Well in my case, generally try to do something else, learn something new but today I honestly have nothing to do and since I’ve never posted any pictures of me, I thought of taking some pictures of me and my sweater.

My American friend always makes fun of my sweaters he says we Italian have funny sweaters Q.Q meanie!


When I woke up this morning, I opened the window and it was all white ._. I was hopping it was snow instead it was just ice. My car that is white, today was completely white. The road everything was frozen >< so the sweater was the key!

Yesterday I was wearing this knit dress but honestly with the temperature outside =_= uhm another dress.. no thank you I don’t want to freeze.

So less talk here are some pictures of me, my bored face, my sweater, my boots my bag and lunch bag (I prepare my own lunch).



There is so much light at my office >.<



And this is a picture I took a while back, so no I don’t have an sweater with me :p


Something really cute I found out looking at Bershka’s website are these shoes. Do you like them?


OK, back at work now! 🙂

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