I’m sexy and I know it

Hey everyone,
How are you? I was browsing for funny/cute cat pics (I love them, my phone is full of these kind of pictures) and I found this one, that’s why I decided to start my post like this:


Anyways, this Friday one of my friends has her recital. She just finished an acting course  and they’re concluding it with this act. The whole script has been written by her and her class mates. They will be acting on a theater, I actually forgot which one, if at Pisa’s one (Teatro Verdi) or a minor one-

So I’m here deciding what to wear. Normally I’d know what to choose but this time it’s different because, the act is at 9:00 pm and I’d be going there right after work (probably will have dinner with her before or after the act). On top of this, I’ve the dentist at 11:00 am (scared >.<) and I’ve an exam at 2:00 pm (I told you I study as well right)… What to say a full day ^^

I must find something that suits everything. As I told you, for New Year I bought that Bershka dress, but in the end I replaced it with the Bordeaux one, so I was thinking on wearing it. Basically I was thinking at something like this:


How does it look? Do you like it?

Dress: Bershka
Cardigan: Pimkie
Boots: Scarpe & Scarpe
Bracelet: H&M
Bag: H&M (a Christmas present from a friend ❤ I love huge bags)

I haven’t decided yet, so will see.

Another thing, I apologize for not posting pictures of me but.. one side it’s better since these models are much better than me, on the other side my camera died and iPhone pictures sucks =_= and I need a photographer lol. I don’t like taking pictures of myself, that’s why my iPhone is full of pictures of kitties, clothes, food, amazing places, etc etc.. Some pictures are taken by me, while the 99% is stuff I find on Internet.

I promise I’ll try to  post some pictures of myself and oblige someone to buy me a new camera and take pictures of me :p or I’ll oblige someone else to be my model.

I thank you again for reading my  blog,

❤ InTheClouds

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