New year, new start

Hey everyone,

how was your new year celebration? Hope you had lots of fun.

It’s just the second january and it seems there’s still some time for late Christmas present ^^ one of colleagues is about to have her baby boy and so are some other colleagues.. to sum it up this year my company should have a total of 4 babies ^^ soo happy for them.

Anyways, ready to start this year?

For this post I wont be posting a look proposal or whatever, just a quote from a book I truly liked and hope you will like as well.

Again, Happy New Year everyone!

Fà tutto ciò che puoi per provare amore. Guarda film che ti fanno ridere e stare bene, non quelli che ti rendono teso o triste. Ascolta musica che ti mette di buon umore… Usa il Processo Creativo. Usa le chiavi del Potere. Ricorda che basta dedicare il cinquantuno per cento del nostro tempo all’amore e alle emozioni buone per raggiungere il punto in cui l’ago della bilancia pende verso il positivo e tutto cambia!
Rhonda Byrne, The power

Do everything you can to feel love. Watch movies that make you laugh and feel good, not the ones that make you tense or sad. Listen to music that puts you in a good mood … Use the Creative Process. Use the keys of power. Remember that you just devote fifty percent of our time to love and good emotions to reach the point where the balance leans towards the positive and everything changes!
Rhonda Byrne, The Power



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