There we go with my third post. I don’t know how’s weather by you but here is raining a lot. I wonder if it depends from me and my volley team singing O.o

Could we be the cause? Meh >_< hope not!

I'm still preparing the pictures for my third look proposal. Yesterday I went a bit around looking for some stuff and… I found these super cute stuff and Intimissi. After that I fund also some super cute accessories. Once the pictures are ready, I'll post them up.

Actually, there's something I'd like to say, for me to be fashionable you don't need to shock people. I'll make you an example to make you better understand what I'm trying to tell you. I'm sure, like me, you had a friend, or more then one, in your school career who was an only child and had a wealthy family so she could spend as much as she wanted in clothes and stuff, and of course she was/is obsessed with fashion.

I remember her spending non stop in clothes & stuff and still have an LOL look. To me just by learning to combine clothes in the right way you got the key of fashion. You can shocking and wonderful with just the right clothes



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